Salvation from the groove

sanchita chugh
3 min readOct 2, 2020


Beep! Beep! With a resentful scowl, you mount to the banging of your alarm tone (after perhaps snoozing it for five sets of five minutes!). Having done your chores in a jiffy, you douse your breakfast with caffeine to buck up! Driving to work- you mentally truss yourself to face the challenges of the robotic day (Is that even a design day?). Back to back meetings, dealing with credit crunch crisis, scrutinizing over reports and skimming through your mails, pretending to stay content and energetic (No, it’s not a Monday I’m referring to!) . You open your social media, and see friends travelling the world. The 9 to 6 work shift is a forgotten concept as the overburden of work commitments take up lot more of you than you could fathom. You forget everything as you survive through the heinous period of vulnerability. And then the usual- you drive back home thinking about life, feeling trapped in a box, looking for inspiration around. You seek no support, but faces that dictate the same story as yours. Heart laden with despair, you retire for the night. Tomorrow was a new day with the same offerings. You are far from Ricochet to the other end of the spectrum.

Waiting to reach the ripe old age of retirement to live the life you dreamt of (maybe). Saving money, making plans of breaking out of the template! Now my mind is all boggled with questions. If the main idea is breaking away from a template, what is that template? Is it a single template that applies to our society? Or to our generation? Or to a certain aspect of life? Or does each individual person have their own template?

Hold it right there! Was this the life you signed up for? Not really. Then go out there and fulfill your hearts’ yearning. You only get fascinated to live by the motto “The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” Are you wondering who fits the bill to sustain standing out? He could be an architect, an artist, an experience designer or just another individual with a grand plan.

Being unstoppable gives one the liberty to escape the city space to experience a riot of sights, sounds and smells.

How does one let go of the plan bubble, and start? It all begins with revolutionizing your thought process. Steady those insecurities and get a grip on you and train the mind to stop succumbing to negative questions like, what if I don’t make it? Next on the agenda is- figuring out what works for you? (Well, there has to be something). Happiness is not a project you’re dreading, it is the travel you are going to take up next. So stop postponing it and start doing things that make you happy. Venturing into something new every once in a while may rescue you from an anxious pitfall! Only a determined mind will be able to maneuver the vehicle around the roadblocks. So give yourself a pep talk and start practicing from now!

To become an enthusiast, one has to live a curious life- where learning has no end. More often, the worrisome act of paying bills makes you do a job you may not be enjoying. For starters decide between either seeking securities of the monthly pay check or take a risk and pursue your passion. Stop looking for happiness only in the shopping mall. Those material possessions can give only fleeting happiness. Toss those dimes wisely on experiences that you are going to tuck away in the treasury of your memories. Every once in a while do the unthinkable. Walking on unfamiliar terrain enhances creativity. Lastly! Don’t play by the rules and trust your instinct. I hope you have traced your route map!