sanchita chugh
2 min readSep 17, 2020


The design fraternity has always functioned on site visits, client meetings, collaborative design discussions — pencils, sketches, models and active guidance. Until a few months ago, we could have completely dismissed the idea of working from home and working online completely.

Given no choice, architectural offices around the world have adapted quickly to the pandemic.
While staying and working from home can be cathartic, architects have creatively eked out a corner of their homes for themselves. Ample natural light and pleasant working environment abundantly helps in dealing with ‘cabin fever’

To most, working includes social relations and communication. The collaborative nature of work has most definitely been challenging. Day to day work is hard to replicate and the impact on culture has been massive.

Often, there is a silver lining on the darkest of days.

Designers have embraced technology and realized the opportunity for leadership growth. New styles of management have evolved and work is done without as much supervision and guidance. This ‘luxury of time’ has facilitated the perfect prospects to reflect, think and create. Perhaps, colleagues trust each other more than ever.

A similar synergistic nature of design education has its own limitations and challenges with abounding advantages. “The new normal” aka online education has been synonymous to a leap of faith in the virtual world. With an amplified use of technology, students are realizing the value of self study and discipline while teachers are exploring new avenues of adding value in education. The impact has been huge, with more attendance, time management and experiments in education.

The shift in paradigm has landed us in utter calm and peace in troubled times. More completed tasks, more efficiency and more productivity has enabled better work life balance, physical and mental health.

“Distance does not separate people, silence does”. With added degrees of communication, and evolved ways of staying motivated, we are slowly but surely moving towards new habits. A re-imagined work culture has facilitated the “best out of situation”.

As we move towards another month in the lockdown, we look forward to better times and despite the immeasurable value of the virtual world.. we know that it can never over the real one.